Sickness and death are unavoidable in life. To experience illness is not itself misfortune, but to be 
defeated by illness is misfortune. 

HERO is an attempt to provide real time information regarding ICU beds and blood availability for 
citizens in Mumbai so that the crucial minutes of the Golden Hour are not lost in searching for an ICU 
bed or blood of the required type.

There exists no service in India which provides immediate information about availability of 
emergency medical resources. Medical resources such as intensive care hospital beds and blood are 
already over-stretched and it is crucial to efficiently match available resources to needs.

During medical emergencies like accidents, heart attacks, neonatal emergencies, maternal 
emergencies etc, patients are often shunted from hospital to hospital due to lack of ICU beds or 
blood. This often leads to loss of those crucial minutes that could mean the difference between life 
and death. This shortfall is highlighted especially in times of mass emergencies, like natural disasters 
such as floods or earthquakes or the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai.

We at ARMMAN are committed, through HERO to provide real-time information on the availability 
of ICU beds and blood of the required type through a Helpline, Website, SMS and Mobile App during 
personal and mass emergencies. 

HERO would form a critical component of the Disaster Management System of the city.
A Citizen’s Campaign will enable us to make most Hospitals and Blood Banks a part of HERO. You 
can influence the decision makers in the Hospitals/blood banks in your area to join HERO.
To make HERO work as envisioned, we need your support. It needs YOU to Be a HERO. Be a part of 
Project HERO to make this change happen.

Please reach out to us at or