ARMMAN’s Ethics Review Board

ARMMAN's Ethics Review Board

The objective of ARMMAN Ethics Review Board (AERB) is to ensure members of the ARMMAN team are well versed with research ethics discourse and the obligations they have towards communities they engage with through programs, interventions and research. Another objective is to ensure that rights and safety of participating communities and individuals is safeguarded in compliance with the national and international research ethics guidelines and relevant regulatory

AERB Secretariat aims to ensure an appropriate and sustainable system for reviewing the scientific merit and ethical soundness of all research, as per the guidelines laid out by the Indian Council of Medical Research’s National Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical and Health Research Involving Human Participants (ICMR, 2017).

ARMMAN’s registration with the Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Government of India) has been approved. EC/NEW/INST/2021/2064

Members of the Ethics Review board

Dr. Sunita Bandewar


Dr. Bhuvaneswari Sunil

Member Secretary

Dr. Prajakta Gholap

Alternate Member Secretary

Dr. Monty Khajanchi


Dr. Asha Achuthan

Basic Medical Scientist

Ujwala Kadrekar

Legal Expert

Amita Jadhav

Community Expert

Prachi Avalaskar