Arogya Sakhi

Arogya Sakhi

The Arogya Sakhi Home based Antenatal and Infancy Care programme trains women leaders (Arogya Sakhis) to provide home-based care, perform diagnostic tests and screen for high risk factors to ensure early referral during antenatal and infancy period in severely underserved communities.

Arogya Sakhis are equipped with medical kits and trained to perform basic diagnostic tests including haemoglobin, blood sugar, urine, blood pressure, foetal doppler and anthropometric measurements. They are also supported by a mobile application that guides them through the care process, helps identify high-risk signs and symptoms and gives alerts regarding the need for referral. The Arogya Sakhis charge a nominal sum for diagnostic tests, thus empowering them  financially and through skill-enhancement.

Strengthening the health system

In severely underserved tribal districts where there is severe lack of or non-existent primary care system, ARMMAN aims to train Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) to become Arogya Sakhis. In future, we plan to boost the efforts of the Arogya Sakhis with technological support like SMS alert systems for high risk cases.

Total number of Arogya Sakhis trained: 253