ARMMAN’s Rapid Response to COVID-19 Situation

ARMMAN’s Rapid Response to COVID-19 Situation

ARMMAN has leveraged its extensive mobile technology platform and expertise for Rapid Response to COVID-19 to support people in rural areas, urban slums (including migrant workers) and health workers.

Free Virtual OPD for Mothers and Children across India

As hospitals across the country focus on COVID-19, regular care during pregnancy and for children is difficult as antenatal and paediatric outpatient departments (OPDs) are either closed or unable to work at full capacity. Reaching the healthcare facility is also a challenge because of restricted mobility and no public transport. ARMMAN has started a pan-India free Virtual OPD (V-OPD) with the help of volunteer doctors. The Virtual OPD has 50+ volunteer obstetricians and gynaecologists.

National Toll-free Number: 1-800-2121-425
  • Timings: Monday-Saturday
    • 11 am – 3 pm: Pregnant Women (ANC OPD)
    • 3 pm – 7 pm: Children (Paediatric OPD)
  • Available Languages: Hindi and English


We currently receive 100 average daily inbound calls and have the capacity to handle 250 calls a day.

Sending COVID-19 Information to Pregnant Women & Mothers in Urban Slums

Pregnant women and children in urban slums are vulnerable, living in overcrowded spaces with poor sanitation, and hygiene. Many belong to migrant families with no support mechanism and lack access to accurate information in their language. ARMMAN sends automated voice calls (and SMS) in the local language directly to the mobile phones of 300,000 pregnant women and mothers of children upto 2.

Sending Critical Information on a Quick-Time Basis to 800,000 Health Workers

ARMMAN leveraged its extensive technology platform to create a Rapid Response System to send information on critical new developments to 400,000 health workers and 800,000 health workers (ASHAs, ANMs, and Medical Officers), via voice calls and SMS, respectively, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Linking Pregnant Women and Mothers of Children upto the age of one in Mumbai Slums with Essential Health Services and Facilities

In order to bridge the gap in accessing health services and facilities created due to an overburdened system and lack of updated information, we are making outbound calls to beneficiaries enabling linkages by creation of a Resource Directory of Operational Health Facilities and Services (and Counselling Support). This service is available for pregnant women and mothers of children up to the age of one in the urban slums of Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Over 50,000 women and children have been reached so far with information regarding Sonography, TT injections, medicines; written prescription required but no clinics open in the area; pregnancy related issues such as urine infection, bleeding in third month, signs of labour; delay in child vaccination & illnesses such as cold, cough, loose motion, skin rashes etc.