Case Stories

Case Stories

ASHA_Lacky Rani - resized

Lacky Rani

“Mobile Academy gave me the confidence to counsel pregnant women and mothers.”

Anita Gupta resized

Anita Gupta

“I could get quick help whenever I needed, thanks to the Virtual OPD.”

Sushma Pranesh Aryamane resized

Sushma Pranesh Aryamane

“After 3 miscarriages, I got pregnant again at 41 and safely delivered a baby, thanks to mMitra.”


Savitri Patil

Savitri Patil is a confident entrepreneur, providing affordable healthcare services to women and children in Dongoan village.

Sonia Gawde resized

Sonia Gawde

“I thank mMitra for saving my life.”

Chaya Jadhav - Arogya Sakhi resized

Chaya Laxman Jadhav

“Being an Arogya Sakhi has made me confident and financially independent.”

Mayawati devi twi

Mayawati Devi

“The best thing about the Mobile Academy course is that I can do it as per my convenience.”

Vasanti Nilesh Gaikwad

“Becoming an Arogya Sakhi has made me self-sufficient.”


Shweta Pawar

The doctor asked her to come back for a routine check-up; Shewta forgot.

Puja Verma - Kilkari

Puja Verma

“Kilkari Motivated Me to Become a Frontline Health Worker.”

Daisy Kumari

Daisy Kumari

“Kilkari calls guided me on how to care for my wife and child.”

Tanjila Shaikh resized

Tanjila Shaikh

“mMitra calls made me feel like there is always a friend who is helping me out in everything.”


Vaishali Mokashi

When Vaishali Mokashi entered Priya Shirke’s house, she found the 27-year old lying unconscious on the ground.