Mother & Child Tracking System


Mother and Child high-risk factor tracking with SMS Alert system/mKhushali app

MCTS is a comprehensive mobile-based tool for the Auxillary Nurse Midwife (ANM), a frontline healthcare worker in the public health system. The mKhushali app increases work-efficiency, reduces paperwork, and ensures that mothers and children with high-risk factors are identified in time and referred to the relevant healthcare facility.


ANMs cater to a population of 3000-5000 and they are responsible for providing primary healthcare services under nutrition, immunization, family planning and maternal and child health programmes. An important part of an ANM’s work is collecting health-related data. They capture around 200 key indicators on different health parameters. Currently, this information is recorded in physical registers and then uploaded online through data-entry, which is a cumbersome process with duplicity of work.

Application Design

This is an intuitively-designed mobile application targeted towards the ANM. The application is pre-loaded on android-based tablets and provided to individual ANMs.

Salient Features

Efficient digital data-entry to reduce paper-work
The application has encoded antenatal, postnatal, infancy and childhood forms for hassle-free one-time entry of data that can be directly uploaded online.

Identification and referral of high-risk cases with SMS-alert system
The intuitive application gives real-time situational alerts on high-risk factors present and referrals to be done along with correct treatment methodology. SMS-alerts are sent to the concerned health functionaries and family to ensure follow-ups to complete the loop of care.

Access to training videos
21 refresher video-guides are uploaded in the application. Created in the local language, they provide a step-by-step guidance on conducting a variety of examinations and tests during pregnancy and childhood.


  • Blocks – Dhadgaon and Taloda, Nandurbar District
  • ANMs Trained – 37