Month: August 2021

Bayer Foundation India (BFI) Supports ARMMAN’s Programs

ARMMAN is happy to share that we have partnered with Bayer Foundation India (BFI) for the implementation of mMitra in Maharashtra, and Kilkari and Mobile Academy in Bihar. BFI works towards advancing public health, agriculture and sustainability, focusing on women-centric approaches and innovative technology-based solutions to bridge the healthcare gap in the country. We look


ARMMAN Wins Co-Impact Design Grant

ARMMAN has been awarded a design grant from Co-Impact, a global philanthropic collaborative for systems change, to further develop, advance, and test our systems change strategy and approach. This will give us an opportunity to articulate clear outcomes and pathways to change and strengthen our partnerships, address critical challenges and support our broader efforts to


ARMMAN Is One Of India’s Top 50 COVID-19 Last Mile Responders

We are proud to be recognised by the World Economic Forum’ COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs as one of India’s India’s Top 50 COVID-19 Last Mile Responders to the pandemic. Our COVID-19 interventions provided critical information relating to COVID via mobile phone to 800,000 frontline health workers, over 17,700 women and children have called our