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A mother dies during childbirth in India every 15 minutes. Close to 3 lakh babies die annually on the first day after birth. Most of these deaths are preventable. Lack of access to preventive care information is a major cause of the high maternal and child mortality rates.

It is this information failure that we seek to eliminate. But access to information is not enough. It needs to be timed and targeted: timed to when the information is most crucial and targeted directly at those who need it the most. Specific to the month of pregnancy and age of the child. In her own dialect. And reinforced by adequate repetition.

mMitra voice service aims to achieve precisely that. It sends weekly/ twice a week automated voice calls free of cost directly to the phones of pregnant women and mothers, from the first month of pregnancy until the infant is one year of age, in her dialect, in her chosen timeslot.

Help us achieve our goal of providing mMitra service to every underprivileged mother in India.

By contributing only

Rs. 350

you can now sponsor the cost of enrolling one mother into the mMitra service.

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By contributing only


you can now sponsor the cost of enrolling one mother into the mMitra service.

It provides culturally appropriate, comprehensive information about the care to be taken in that particular week, the danger signs, potential complications, reminders about medicines and check – up and simple interventions in the case of emergencies.

mMitra will thus be a loyal friend, holding the woman’s hand and gently guiding her through pregnancy and infancy. You can read more about mMitra here.

This is a simple way to reach out and empower a mother to make better choices for herself and her child. Provide her with access to the right information at the right time. Information that is her right. Information that has the power to transform her and her child’s life.