ARMMAN Is One Of India’s Top 50 COVID-19 Last Mile Responders

We are proud to be recognised by the World Economic Forum’ COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs as one of India’s India’s Top 50 COVID-19 Last Mile Responders to the pandemic. Our COVID-19 interventions provided critical information relating to COVID via mobile phone to 800,000 frontline health workers, over 17,700 women and children have called our


ARMMAN to Expand COVID-19 Interventions with Support from Google.org

ARMMAN is increasing the scope of its COVID-19 interventions by upskilling frontline health workers with the support of Google.org. 180,000 ASHAs and 40,000 ANMs will be trained in COVID-19 management skills including recognition, treatment and prevention of the disease in 15 states of India. These frontline health workers will be supported via a call centre